Mizoram CM Zoramthanga Speaks To Republic on Border Dispute With Assam After HM Amit Shah Intervenes
Mizoram CM Zoramthanga Speaks To Republic on Border Conflict Getting Resolved

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  • David Haokip
    David Haokip

    I support Assam from kuki... Mizo 😡😑

  • Deepak Vashum
    Deepak Vashum

    One right thinking person can divert the situation and solve the problem in wise and simple method of brotherly dialouge

  • Abu Raihan
    Abu Raihan


  • aja humtsoe
    aja humtsoe

    Assam are always scapegoat

  • Aduha Dx
    Aduha Dx

    Himanta Bakwaas would rather climb a tree🌴 to tell lies instead of telling the truth on spot.

  • chris

    I support mizoram long live mizoram. CM zoramthanga sir dont let them steal your land show them no mercy ❤ from shillong.

  • imcha Longchar
    imcha Longchar

    Many headshot.... Sorry bots... Actually I don't shoot bots in Pubg...Good aim mizo army...

  • Arvind Kumar
    Arvind Kumar

    It's mizoram who opened fire one-sidedly.. Otherwise mizoram police would have also lost lives... Assam police didn't even fire back... It's very clear that all dead bodies of assam police n civilian recovered within the jurisdiction of assam... Neither assam police encroached mizoram territory not opened fire... Mizoram has been always disturbing bordering people of assam for decades.. Now time has come when mizos have to face the music... No longer assam would tolerate all these misdeeds in our jurisdiction.. Jai hind, jai ai axom

  • PeunelMessi Ymyong
    PeunelMessi Ymyong

    Mizoram chief minister ; If Assam attack us we will attack back. Meghalaya Chief minister : If Assam attack us we will pynrem jur.

  • Partha Gaming
    Partha Gaming

    If You Are Bad We Are your Dad 😈 , কত গল i Support Mizuram বুলি কোৱা বোৰ 😂 । নোখোৱা কৈ মৰিবি তহঁত 😂 । জয় আই অসম 🙏

  • Ayush Raj
    Ayush Raj

    Assam is a student of xi Jing ping with similar minds only objective is to expansion


    Don't tell liye abri badi no with tay your


    You not have gun whi khan not sotti mijo

  • MSsailokim MSkim
    MSsailokim MSkim

    dont steal others property even though you own it, you will be end with Misery from you to your decendents

  • January 1960
    January 1960

    After lot of terrorist attacks India chose sease fair with Pakistan at LOC and negotiate with China to defuse standoff with China. But how mindless people to chose Use of LMG on own people both side are indians living . Central govt should withdraw LMG from all state police now police can use it against groom parent and family after blame of bride and bride family.

  • January 1960
    January 1960

    Speaking English does not mean that person or community is intelligent.

  • Ali Murru
    Ali Murru

    I'm from Nagaland and I'm going to say that shame on Assam dnt call that ur from northeast trying to killed on brother and sister

  • Irony Man
    Irony Man

    Can't believe a closed border between two states within the same country, can't believe that polices of same country used guns to kill each other. If that's the case maybe one of these states don't belong in the country.

  • BD.S. STAR
    BD.S. STAR

    the problem is not mizoram its Assam..we northeast state know that ..Assam is the china of northeast india...in Meghalaya Assam police killed 4 and many injured who is to be blame., thanks mizoram police for defend your own people and your own land..not like coword Meghalaya police who do nothing when Assam police fired gun on public..

  • Albert Tlau
    Albert Tlau

    Support Mizoram from Uk

  • Son Tonsing
    Son Tonsing

    If a snake enters your house, how can you ignore it ? you've gotta do something if it strike too. You can't just walked up to your neighbours' house and do whatever you wanted to do.

  • Lakhyajit Deuri (LD)
    Lakhyajit Deuri (LD)

    Assam's weak performance result these are. Being a Assam people I have seen very closely that all neighbor State are illegaly occupied Assam's land.

  • Isak Hmingchungnunga Pachuau
    Isak Hmingchungnunga Pachuau

    Mizoram Jindabad ❤️

  • Ruth Vanlalhruaii
    Ruth Vanlalhruaii

    support Mizoram CM, support Mizoram Police Assam should stopy playing the victim

  • Lulun Taithul
    Lulun Taithul

    Why Indian people invade each other what idea is behind it . All must live peacefully .

  • rajmon dolo
    rajmon dolo

    Support mizo from Arunachal pradesh

  • Siddharth Manu
    Siddharth Manu

    Home ministry must show leadership and put all the internal border disputes an amicable closure. Indians shooting at Indians is unacceptable.

  • Bapugolo Chakma
    Bapugolo Chakma


  • Ruatsé 🍁
    Ruatsé 🍁

    Seems like none of NE people didn't support Assam. Every comments section is like support mizoram from Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur..This prove that who is wrong and who is right 🤭

  • Mayju vloge.....🙄
    Mayju vloge.....🙄

    Mizo are first firing Assam police........ We know that very properly.....why mizo people lying..

  • B Bolwari Marak
    B Bolwari Marak

    Assam police is fighting all are state's border No 1 Mizoram No 2 Meghalaya No 3 Nagaland No 4 Arunachal Pradesh etc. 😡😡

  • Fela Ralte
    Fela Ralte

    He is the most patience guy i've ever known..But never test the patience of this kind of people..You will be the one who wiil get hurt...Assam CM is bengali and doimg all of these things for his political advantage..Illigal bangladeshi are his vote banks, so he tried to make lands for these homeless illigal immigrants..Thats all

  • Ramson's pig farm
    Ramson's pig farm

    Don't mess with Assam!

    • siddhanth kharat
      siddhanth kharat

      Bye bye momos from south india 😂😂

  • Lalchhuanmawii Lc
    Lalchhuanmawii Lc

    We want PEACE not WAR . But don't encroach to others house without permission ..

  • Mukesh Rane
    Mukesh Rane

    6 Assam policemen died only one 1 Mizoram policeman injured. Any one can ascertain that Mizoram police opened in large volume & disproportionate manner.

  • grace simte
    grace simte

    The action of reply carried out by our brother Mizo Police is a small leson to coward Assam untrain Police.

  • Rishotskit Papang
    Rishotskit Papang

    Assam is just like China when it comes to border issue

  • Hokid Syiem
    Hokid Syiem

    Assam is the hub for illegal immigrant . That why Assam. always encroach land from other NE State . Why Assam not happy with the land which already has . Shame on you Assam CM becos of your political gain and greed the Assam lost 6 police .

  • giri tali
    giri tali

    CM Mizo.. very impressive explanation. Safe your innocent people. I like Mizo police..

  • mecostone diengdoh
    mecostone diengdoh

    Assam is the main source of quarrel among other state over boundry dispute and all the state cannot solve it for many years because Assam don't want other to stay in peace

  • Gospel Chanchinmawia
    Gospel Chanchinmawia

    We the Mizo people will fight for our land always in a right way...

  • Vsparta Fanai
    Vsparta Fanai

    Slip of the tongue : It's what they believe from their side. If that's how you conclude , how bias it looks?

  • Marshal Marwein
    Marshal Marwein

    The most inefficient chief minister of Assam.behaving like goons.indian intelligence should interrogate Himanta Biswa sarma he might have link with outsider .this kind of chief minister will invite help from other powerful neighbouring country to be safe .indaia should stop this assam chief minister ..attitude ,otherwise Nation is under threat from outsider

  • My Stories
    My Stories

    ASSAM police fire 1st and in return casualties so my humble request to Media person ask ASSAM police about their training... For Mizoram its self defence problem solve why to waste time 🤣🤣

  • David Rinmawia
    David Rinmawia

    Assam is the new virus( coronavirus Covid 21 from asssam) for all their boundary

  • Nayan Mipun
    Nayan Mipun

    People of Assam too tells that neighbor states too encroaching on Assam borders. Whom to believe?

  • lalmalsawma pachuau
    lalmalsawma pachuau

    Himanta dividing the North East with his political propagandaaa

  • Abhik Chakraborty
    Abhik Chakraborty

    ⭕⭕⭕Fellow Mizo Brothers elevate your standard of thinking. It is an act of those who belong to Godless culture & are animal by nature. If someone from your family dies this way, how you'll feel the moment! Will you have peace of mind at all? Come here & see how their heart is breaking who have lost their loved ones. People have gone below the level of animal. This incident seems like territorial border clash between two nations. If we cut off the food supply atleast for 5 to 6 days, mostly the trucks carrying vegetable from Lumding to Mizoram via Silchar route. Then everything will come on track! I've seen the dependency of your people on Assam, in the Aizawl market 4 tiny tiny potatoes cost around 20 rupees & how costly others items there that are transported mainly from Assam. You may be acquainted or not with the fact, we all had earlier long term cultural, commercial history of togetherness. 50 to 70 years ago existing seven sisters used to be one province. Later this province was divided & its integral parts got statehood designation based on demographic reason, by the year 1963, 72 & 87. In 1875, a territorial agreement was made between Britishers Mizo society & without formal documentation & later in 1933 an official notification was released by Britishers, they said the earlier land boundary (1875) was not correctly created, the place is present Cachar district of Assam connecting Lushai Hills (before 1987 Mizoram was known). Now the confrontation is your people & goverment don't admit that 1933 is the correct land demarcation, you accept 1875 boundary line. Your statement is 1933 land demarcation was made without informing Mizo Society. Neither your people, government nor we or our government is responsible for the present day conflict. If you had problem then during that time why your representative was silent! & now you're killing your fellow brothers, you people have hatred in your blood vessel. I saw how MP Vanlalvena made damn care derogatory speech, if he was in my state I would have ripped out his tongue. We're 3 crore 22 lakhs & you're not more than 30 lakhs, if we stand together you'll not find an inch of land on Earth to withstand. People of other places need ILP to access into your state but this way we don't suspect our neighbours. The sad thing is people are losing their lives. We are one race human but badly we mankind as a whole losing our cultural values....

  • Nicks mizo
    Nicks mizo

    Thank you republic world now we can speak our right in mizoram asssam police shot first it is true

  • Mising Master
    Mising Master

    I will take action from..Assam

  • Hlimpuia Pachuau
    Hlimpuia Pachuau

    Assam shot first...👹

  • Potato

    An va chawh ve. Mizoram police an chet meuh chuan assam police chu an lo nep hle

  • Music SareGana
    Music SareGana


  • Arnold ralte
    Arnold ralte

    Its not what we believe ..., in fact thats the truth he's saying👊

  • Boro By Blood
    Boro By Blood

    We want Bodoland Divide Assam 50/50

  • Hachwa Lyngdoh
    Hachwa Lyngdoh

    Don't mess with the Mizos ,with lots of love and prayers from Meghalaya

    • EMMA YT
      EMMA YT



    Mizoram is right... don't mess with hilly people's.

  • Drijos Khongsngi
    Drijos Khongsngi

    Good job Mizoram

  • PANDEM!C yt
    PANDEM!C yt

    Love it mizoram CM support from manipur


    assam govt create himself this issue.always this state went to enter his neighbouring state like arunachal prades.mizoram tripura,meghalaya etc.assam state is two much aggresive.

  • Lungsen Picture
    Lungsen Picture

    Assam Police are very fortunate that because they're are not all death.

  • Man pratim ramchiary
    Man pratim ramchiary

    In 1989 Assamese chauvinists and the *Assam* *police* *forces* killed over 500 Bodo people in gohpur, undivided sonitpur district. Rendered over 60,000 Bodo people homeles forced them to take refuge in the jungless of Arunachal. This was complete ethnic cleansing of Bodo tribe by the rulling assamese elites.

  • Red Rose
    Red Rose

    Why Assam have always problems with neighbouring state? Especially with meghalaya and Mizoram

  • gokom Naga kyk
    gokom Naga kyk

    Mizo 👍👍 I'm from nagaland

  • Ralte Matluangtei
    Ralte Matluangtei

    Rest in peace all the death This all are happen because of Himanta

  • Chhunga Hmar
    Chhunga Hmar

    Assam should put to border china and let them make violence to china

  • muanzei pachuau
    muanzei pachuau

    Why Assam always had dispute with neighbours..

  • Omom Linda
    Omom Linda

    They came . Got injured. And play victims !!!!!! What is this. They show clips of us fighting back after they provoked again and again . Stones were not thrown because it was a bit far. Pls check the video again. Why did they bring an ambulance and why were they heavily armed. What was the intention of Assam ???

  • The Onceler
    The Onceler

    What a great leader of Mizoram Chief Minister.

  • Lalhlimpuii Jahau
    Lalhlimpuii Jahau

    Their side of what they believe happen are you seriously saying he believe thats why our Honble CM says ... Its not a believe he says what exactly happen. Assam should step back in any ways .

  • chill bro ok
    chill bro ok

    Republic tv :Border issue! Me : political issue 😎

  • Zaia Varte
    Zaia Varte

    We know Assam also use Lmg, Assam shot first

  • Diki Sing
    Diki Sing

    Mizoram chif minister 1 cartune log raha hai🤣🤣🤣

  • Ralp Marngar
    Ralp Marngar

    Now stop bothering about China and Pakistan boundaries dispute but solve first the illegal claim of Assam to all neighbors states, who gives the order to deploying Assam police to the others civilian village? Its not the head of the Assam government? Regarding borders disputes, assam must shame themselves to blame others states because all North East States knows the dirty policy of Assam.

  • Mriyankh Yogi Nath
    Mriyankh Yogi Nath

    What a liar he is

  • arun chamuah
    arun chamuah

    Assamese dnt take land of others the other states are not happy 😊 to party of India they want to be with China or Burma.

  • Northeast Entertainment
    Northeast Entertainment

    We are going to all road block.... Going to eqonomical protest... Come assam ..🙏

  • Tarling Khongwir
    Tarling Khongwir

    A salute to Mizos and Mizoram Govt.

  • wayne syiem
    wayne syiem

    Salute Mizoram CM

  • Makerly Khonghat
    Makerly Khonghat

    Now it our turn to challenge again Assam

  • Makerly Khonghat
    Makerly Khonghat

    Full support to Mizoram from Meghalaya

  • Sangtei Chhangte
    Sangtei Chhangte

    Shame on Assam

  • Nilutpal Hazarika
    Nilutpal Hazarika

    Very disturbing to hear this kind of news. I have roommates, the closest friends from all neighbouring states. My point is- Neva get trapped in politics. Our short-temper won't work that time. Once we break the brotherhood, 🤗 outsiders are already on the queue. PEACE ✌We celebrate northeast festival outside. A Proud Northeastern. ✊

  • Bahdeng Dengbah
    Bahdeng Dengbah

    Assam always creates problem with neighbouring States by claiming lands which are not belonged to Assam. Assam police always challenging the people of neighbouring states by destroying their crops, etc. The Assam police on 24 July, 2021 trying to claim lands belong to Mizoram, thinking Mizoram will stay calm but it was a bad day for Assam police. Assam stop right now to create problem with neighbouring states otherwise one day the name of Assam state will be out of the sketch

  • Roth Kholum
    Roth Kholum

    Why are mainstream media always biased ?????

  • Edilbert Jyrwa
    Edilbert Jyrwa

    Assam in short mean ass they done smell too good

  • Ro Phiamphu
    Ro Phiamphu

    Look, Assam police is to blame, suck up to it. I think the civilian government intention doesn't match up to the police action. This should have been the centre priority from the start. If Mizoram police have initiated an unprovoked firing from the start, proof would have been already out considering the media coverage that they enjoyed. And why is a non Assamese commenting like his man prides is being busted!!?

  • Desi Thug baba
    Desi Thug baba

    Mizo celebrate assam police killing and all mizo come here to save their ass...

  • Desi Thug baba
    Desi Thug baba


  • Bahduhbahduh Wahlang
    Bahduhbahduh Wahlang

    I support Mizoram Assam down down down

  • Sangteii Chhakchhuak
    Sangteii Chhakchhuak

    Assam log apna galti chhupa kar mizoram ko badnam larne ke liye video clip banana jaanta hai.assam patistan border me ladne bhe do.aapna Northeast India se kyon ladte ho.zamin ki bookhi awlo waha me assam ko jarur milega

  • surajit ghosh
    surajit ghosh

    Chinese agent

  • David Sailo
    David Sailo

    Phew!!..Hello China!!..my seven sisters..home at last!???

  • Manish Baruah
    Manish Baruah

    Looking at the comments it is disheartening to see all the hatred towards Assam, while we wholeheartedly welcome our neighbors when they come here for work, medical treatment

  • Arlinsha Syiemlieh
    Arlinsha Syiemlieh

    Good mizo👍👍👍👍

  • Vincent Zairemmawia
    Vincent Zairemmawia

    Zorama aiin assam cm a daw thei zawk tlat...

  • Riton Marsing
    Riton Marsing

    Assam gvt is so stupid🤡.... We stand together as North East States against our sister Assam.. Assam every where is fighting with... We stand with Mizoram..

  • Vincent Zairemmawia
    Vincent Zairemmawia

    Assam are mini china

  • Funny Sexy01
    Funny Sexy01

    Shame on mizoram govt.& Mizo ppls ,gave permission to fire with LMGs, actually i think they had done this becoz of smugglers that assam govt.had seized becoz there internal buisness was corrupted!

  • marie_a_r

    Remember David and Giliath, don't ever underestimated Mizoram.

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