Courtney sings 'Nutbush City Limits' by Ike & Tina Turner | The Voice Stage #28
The 12 year old Courtney is a shy girl, but once she gets on stage she turns into a superstar. The coaches can't get enough of her. Would you turn for Courtney? 😊

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Courtney performed 'Nutbush City Limits' by Ike & Tina Turner

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In we highlight the best, funniest, most adorable and most inspiring stories of kids who audition for The Voice Kids. Enjoy!

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  • Best of The Voice Kids
    Best of The Voice Kids

    Would you turn for Courtney? 😃

    • Telecat Johnson
      Telecat Johnson

      @Jürgen Böhm It's one year later. No record. She is being horribly mismanaged.

    • Telecat Johnson
      Telecat Johnson

      @Cesar Garcia ç

    • maryam moataz
      maryam moataz

      @Spencer Sammet let's hear you sing

    • g0thxx_gxrl


    • Stefan Huth
      Stefan Huth


  • Juanita Ross
    Juanita Ross

    Rock & Roll is here to stay.!!!!!! She put a big smile on everyone's face. Go girl Go....

  • Fyooor Burshaid
    Fyooor Burshaid

    I never seen in my life girl like her ♥️really I lov her

  • Dy Alma Martorell
    Dy Alma Martorell

    The next Tina Turner

  • malcolm chaffer
    malcolm chaffer

    Janise Joplin factor

  • Katherine Brooks
    Katherine Brooks

    You Go Girl!👍

  • Kevin Cerce
    Kevin Cerce

    hey, I grew up in the 60's, Courtney Hadwin brought it all back to me.



  • Herramientas Suministros
    Herramientas Suministros

    bien explotada por su papa

  • Dominique Toussaint
    Dominique Toussaint

    she was on AGT/BGT and got a golden buzzer

  • Leandro -
    Leandro -

    Years later i still watching this video and loving this.... Shes a star, i love her

  • Aaron Konder
    Aaron Konder

    Mann, das war einfach unglaublich, es ist, als wäre ein Janis-Partikel auf der Bühne, großartig!

  • Rođa

    She is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ruth Barrett
    Ruth Barrett

    They don’t deserve to see her move around lol why because they should Have seen it first hand

  • GrassRoots4usTV Creedance Love Media
    GrassRoots4usTV Creedance Love Media

    Janis Joplin

  • Robert Fager
    Robert Fager

    You got to love it. No pink hair, very little makeup, wearing her granny shawl. It's her and the music and raw talent. LOVE IT!

  • camaro ss
    camaro ss


  • Philip Maniaul
    Philip Maniaul

    Golden buzzer of BGT

    • Telecat Johnson
      Telecat Johnson


  • Леонид Трандин
    Леонид Трандин

    Это огонь!

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams

    For the record, the ad that appeared at the start of this is a scam. Anyone falling for it deserves what they get.

  • Christian Mattison
    Christian Mattison

    How could those two NOT turn for her???????????

  • Karen's Gummer
    Karen's Gummer

    I swear she's Janis Joplin with moves like Jagger

  • Robert Jacobs
    Robert Jacobs

    So glad to hear more from this girl. I said it when I first saw her,, SHE IS A STAR. I want her album if she has any,,if she doesn't she needs to get busy. I'm old and may not be around much longer. I haven't heard anything like her sence JANIS JOPLIN.

    • Chris mayer
      Chris mayer

      She’s recording right now and should be out in a few months,covid has been delaying things.

  • Luva Mendez
    Luva Mendez

    she's 17 right now

  • terwya

    She was on America's Got Talent in 2018 when she was 13 and got the Golden Buzzer. She came in second only to the amazing Shin Lim.

    • Telecat Johnson
      Telecat Johnson

      No she didn't, she finished 6th. Pay attention.

  • Ara Sarkisyan
    Ara Sarkisyan

    Эта девочка-- праздник! Так чувствовать рок в ее-то возрасте может тот, кто обладает Божии даром. Она -- чудо!

  • Ted Crocker
    Ted Crocker

    why do I get a pervert vibe here?

    • Telecat Johnson
      Telecat Johnson

      Lots of pedos here.

  • Starship Trooper
    Starship Trooper

    Bust out tha' Funk baby girl. You got it! Aim for the sky...

  • ばばあ

    コートニーファンですが、これはどんな番組かな? トゥエルブ?AGTより前なのか。

  • newbase999

    I thought her performance was contrived. It sounded like she was trying too hard to adopt a voice and persona that are not her own.

    • Telecat Johnson
      Telecat Johnson

      Another rap lover.

    • newbase999

      @Chris mayer That’s correct. I don’t.

    • Chris mayer
      Chris mayer

      Then I guess you know nothing about her.

  • SophieSophs

    wow she had a huge growth spurt from 12 to 13 seeing this after i watched her on agt

  • Karin Jensen
    Karin Jensen

    Wasn’t she on America’s Got Talents few years ago? She’s INCREDIBLY talented!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Ricardo Galrão
    Ricardo Galrão

    When a star Borns shining_ Courtney!!!

  • Eyüp Ekici
    Eyüp Ekici

    Türkiyeden yazıyorum ingilizce bilmiyorum ama bir sesin güzel olup olmadığını anlamak için dil bilmeye gerek yok sen muhteşemsin❤️❤️❤️

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson

    She should sing some Janis Joplin

  • Kittredge

    When I need to feel better I come to this bookmark

    • Kittredge

      those feet slides

  • OuiOui

    From a shy girl to a wild girl, "The stare" 1:10

  • James Sugg
    James Sugg

    To realize who you are at such a young age. Wow! I'm old and I've seen the rise and fall of many of the greats you represent. Learn from them and keep that "this is MY stage!" attitude.!

  • maguemar


  • Noel Leach
    Noel Leach

    Love your style.(South Africa)

  • Shadow Weaver
    Shadow Weaver

    Tina Turner would be impressed if she saw this

  • H.,A. Hendri
    H.,A. Hendri

    She is rock saviour

  • Lopfification

    This is not on the level of the regular voice kids. This is not on the level of the regular voice. This is not on the level of the regular current music industry. Thats just a whole other level with the best of the best in history like Janis, Ray, Jimi and Mozart. I don't think she can learn anything anymore because she already knows everything. Most people who will teach her are worse performing than her so i hope she keeps her style and doesn't think she has to be "perfect" in the sense we use it our society.

  • Wagner alcantara Jesus alcantara
    Wagner alcantara Jesus alcantara

    Aqui no Brazil ela um sucesso

  • pavel kratochvíla
    pavel kratochvíla

    Don´t matter if judges turned or not, she´s a rock star.!

  • Ted Crocker
    Ted Crocker

    is it just me, or are the dweebs in the fancy chairs dweebs? And even worse when they turn around?

  • cary woodards
    cary woodards

    She has me in tears and ❣❣❣❣❣

  • Daniel Melo
    Daniel Melo


  • Wobbly Steve
    Wobbly Steve

    How or why didn't all 3 turn , that was an awesome audition

  • Bonny Nny
    Bonny Nny

    what a shame the judge

  • Frederico Felix
    Frederico Felix

    Amo essa garota

  • Jupi Rin
    Jupi Rin

    She gonna be a legend..

  • Wilfried Bezold
    Wilfried Bezold

    unglaubliches Talent

  • Dea Ferreira
    Dea Ferreira


  • Diane Sinnett
    Diane Sinnett

    Goose Bumpps!!!!!

  • Ronny Fürst
    Ronny Fürst

    Well.... Tina would be proud! For sure....

  • Claudinho1972

    Muito talentosa 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Xzavier Bracey TV ☆
    Xzavier Bracey TV ☆

    She sounded like Tina turner a lil bit

  • Jeff

    unbelievable....huge fan...has it all...and so young.

  • Ewa Kociubinska
    Ewa Kociubinska

    Zywiol niesamowite Ciary !🔥👍

  • O K
    O K

    She doesn’t sound special or original . She sounds like she’s tried really hard to copy someone .

  • Maria Clara Monteiro
    Maria Clara Monteiro


  • Jose RS
    Jose RS

    Esa niña con 12 años tiene mejor gusto musical que todo un continente!

  • Debra Halle
    Debra Halle

    I love her so much

  • HYPERX demz
    HYPERX demz

    Janis Joplin soul..

  • Jose Luis CERON PEREZ
    Jose Luis CERON PEREZ

    Presenciamos k buenos cantantes a veces no saben reconocer talentos Se quedaron solo escuchando SOPAPOS Y TONTOS

  • go girl shivers down the spine

  • Linda Wegner
    Linda Wegner

    Janis Joplin reincarnated.....and more......

  • •JellyBean Bear•
    •JellyBean Bear•

    whats wrong with the other 2 judges like why...

  • Blue box Marketing
    Blue box Marketing

    She was on America got talent

  • yelamanda Avula
    yelamanda Avula

    Oh wait what she is courtney she is in AGT

  • Harry Pottah
    Harry Pottah

    you can tell she studied the greats

    • Bert Painter
      Bert Painter

      Someone who knows and gets it. Great comment. One other idiot tried to say she's copying others. Sheessh!

  • Алексей Щербаков
    Алексей Щербаков

    Очень интересно поет и пританцовывает, мне очень нравится!

  • Benny Martinez
    Benny Martinez

    Bet he’s regretting it now

  • Shavonne mayo
    Shavonne mayo

    🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ nah yall gassing now

  • Telli F
    Telli F

    So she did Americans Got Talent after this?

    • Bert Painter
      Bert Painter

      Yepper, pretty sure this performance got her noticed and AGT wanted her badly. They knew.

  • H. K. H.
    H. K. H.

    Janis Joplin is back💖

  • Patrick 25
    Patrick 25

    Everyone gangsta till she drops an album

  • Joyce Asberry
    Joyce Asberry

    She's a reincarnation of Janis Joplin.But she has Tina Turner stage pregnants.What a rock star.Thank you Jesus for this young greatness.

    • Telecat Johnson
      Telecat Johnson

      I believe you mean stage *presence,*

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson

    She is so talented,why didn't all the chairs turn?

  • serge butler
    serge butler

    The female judge is shattered she didn't turn around .

  • Nico Perez-Rojas
    Nico Perez-Rojas

    This is when you realize two great judges can be so clueless.

  • Maestro messi
    Maestro messi

    gave me chills

  • Wagner campos
    Wagner campos

    Esta chica toma las canciones mas energeticas y les mete una bomba atomica

  • Leidiane Cavalcanti Leid
    Leidiane Cavalcanti Leid

    É pra aplaudir de pé igreja..😍😎

  • tom marvalo riddle official
    tom marvalo riddle official

    No... the other one was better than this nah. But ok?

  • Zoran Maksic
    Zoran Maksic

    She is super cute here but has blossomed into a stunning young lady now. Looks, class and killer voice!

    • Bert Painter
      Bert Painter

      And keeps getting better even when you think it's not possible

  • Ricardo Cespedes
    Ricardo Cespedes

    y felicidades a sus padres por tener tan buena hija. dios con uds

  • Ricardo Cespedes
    Ricardo Cespedes

    una gran persona la srta courtney, y tremenda vocalisacion

  • david Bouras
    david Bouras

    See Courtney at the FM4 Frequency Festival in Austria Aug 20 2021.

    • Bert Painter
      Bert Painter

      @david Bouras 1st Woodstock in 2019 and now FM4 this year. She has the worse luck so far including COVID. And no worries about her career Dave, she'll be where she wants to be soon enough. It may not be where you or I want her to be. But it's not up to us. I seen it before. People who know what they want and won't compromise with the powers that be decide to do it there way and follow what they love instead of the commercial path, which is not really the best way today anyway. In Courtney's case I really think timing is not on her side so far. But that should change.

    • david Bouras
      david Bouras

      Unfortunately cancelled

  • Brandon McCallum
    Brandon McCallum

    Shes got it! That was fun and entertaining to watch, guaranteed she will be a star!!

  • Douglas Maldonato
    Douglas Maldonato

    Só uma pessoa virar a cadeira para ela e uma puta sacanagem, olha essa Janis Joplin pura na alma dela.

  • John Chalker
    John Chalker

    Courtney you are already a legend love you baby from the UK.

  • senninha ator modelo
    senninha ator modelo

    James está viva na voz dessa menina

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue

    She unleashed a new style

  • moatyism

    Werkelijk niet te geloven hoe zij zingt... wat een topper! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Breno Simões
    Breno Simões

    Joe Cocker Never say goodbay

  • Claude Florentin
    Claude Florentin

    👍🙏elle me fait penser à Janis Joplin Bravo excellent 🙏👍

  • Elina Romero
    Elina Romero


  • Jozh Harper
    Jozh Harper

    Dany Jones press a Botton i love it... Dany Is Rock Is a master and he Know it. Dany McFly Jones.

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