⚡️Cool sheet metal cutter DEPO 😎👍 Cool Tools in action!
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  • Drones And mtbs
    Drones And mtbs

    It’s a god damn nibbler

  • BiggestComplainer

    Some thing sheet metal

  • GodS judgement
    GodS judgement

    Waste of energy

  • Василий Мельник
    Василий Мельник

    Ох, пля, а я все по-английски пытался, а тут "кувалда". Короче, у меня всегда гайка замыливалась. А сил всегда хватало, особенно с хорошим рычагом. Сам материал - вот проблема.

  • DZ Troll Police
    DZ Troll Police

    Cringe stolen music added to advertising on IG ends up always being to crap products

  • legendary pillow
    legendary pillow

    This would work better with an impact

  • Sven Ruetz
    Sven Ruetz

    Shears all the way! But let's say im old and don't have the hand power anymore Wouldn't a jigsaw with fine toothed metal blade do the exact same thing then?!

  • Atala Keanu Monarshi
    Atala Keanu Monarshi

    I’m using a laser cutter for my aluminum sooo….

  • .40 S&W Fan
    .40 S&W Fan

    Massive kerf

  • Sydvicious

    Or just use hand snips, this is another tool that's a waste of time for any shop.

  • attaullah khanktk
    attaullah khanktk

    Where can I find one?

  • Азамат Алакаев
    Азамат Алакаев

    Есть у меня этот инструмент, пользоваться им конечно сложно

  • Cody Cantu
    Cody Cantu

    Is that aluminum sheet



  • martin edwards
    martin edwards

    snips please

  • Claud Peter
    Claud Peter

    It's a shame that it needs 2 hands and also i think the puncture needs replacing 🤔. Makita has one 10 times powerful than this. I bet it won't make it through 0.4 mm

  • Bubba Kushington
    Bubba Kushington

    Wish INbases had translation

  • Marcelo Couto
    Marcelo Couto

    Aonde compra máquina com isso

  • billy mccoy
    billy mccoy

    Used it before, I'd rather shears of any other style.

  • m ..m
    m ..m


  • Raafee Khan
    Raafee Khan

    This is awesome, just what i needed

  • David McCracken
    David McCracken

    You got off the line😑

  • Goliath

    Нормальный более эффективный лобзик вышел из чата

  • Shawn Pitman
    Shawn Pitman

    Fuck me. I had nibbler splinters.

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson

    I don't know why all the hate. I have a boot on my metal roof that is leaking because it looks like the hole wasn't cut right. Instead of taking down a 30'+ sheet of metal down off a 3 story roof, this could get the job done without taking out all the screws and leaving the whole sheet relatively in place.

    • Alex Jenkins
      Alex Jenkins

      So could snips

  • I'm Out
    I'm Out

    This video will self destruct in 10 seconds.

  • Andreas B
    Andreas B

    Russia is the next lvl

  • Luke Clarke
    Luke Clarke

    Two ways to do things the right way and the wrong way.

  • SiLlYgOosE

    It’ll break in a handful of uses

  • GingerSNAP!

    Malco turbo sheers work well too. Nibblers are good for the precision tho

  • Lucy louise
    Lucy louise

    I could probably cut that with a really pair of sharp scissors. Show it cutting something a little tougher than .5mm steel and ill be impressed

    • Eliad Buchnik
      Eliad Buchnik

      Or use jigsaw, higher capacity and can be very maneuverable.

  • Truth Gets You Hated Think Free
    Truth Gets You Hated Think Free

    Very nice

  • Gemcor

    Looks like paper thin sheet metal

  • Keef Junior
    Keef Junior

    More cold welding huh?

  • ??? Малой
    ??? Малой

    Нечего не понял, но очень интересно

  • Viv Alland
    Viv Alland

    54v o_O

  • Max

    Slow down



  • Saying N*igro Makes YouTube cry
    Saying N*igro Makes YouTube cry

    Nice paper cut

  • P Toom
    P Toom

    Big NOPE, huge NOPE

  • []Plague_Doc О5-01[]
    []Plague_Doc О5-01[]

    Видео: Русское Фирма: Русское Комменты: англ Автор: англ Отель: триваго

    • Steve

      @Spitfire Mark 6 а я про обычные ножницы по металлу

    • Oddly Satisfying Videos
      Oddly Satisfying Videos


    • []Plague_Doc О5-01[]
      []Plague_Doc О5-01[]

      @Cross Sans все ништяк,кста пасиб за инфу

    • []Plague_Doc О5-01[]
      []Plague_Doc О5-01[]

      @Cross Sans так норм?

    • Spitfire Mark 6
      Spitfire Mark 6

      Я ищу комменты про Дью

  • Роман Лебедев
    Роман Лебедев


  • Shaun Reed
    Shaun Reed

    I got one👍

  • Omi Lovato
    Omi Lovato

    you can use scissors, why do you have to use a tool with an expensive price

    • Lucy louise
      Lucy louise

      @Joshua Jaffe the point still stands. A good hard pair of scissors would easily cut though this sheet. It's like half a millimeter thick

    • Joshua Jaffe
      Joshua Jaffe

      It's for sheet metal.

  • 三奇村冬山


  • agendita rarita
    agendita rarita

    Or you can buy a sharp scissor

  • joshua jones
    joshua jones

    Am I missing something or is this just tin snip attachment for my drill

    • Gnome Warlord
      Gnome Warlord

      It's just a really s***** nibbler which is a one-handed tool unlike this which is two-handed a lot heavier and half as practical

  • pringles

    Soo tom cruise use this thing for spy job?

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    The Nibblah!

  • Biswanath Roy
    Biswanath Roy

    "Power tools: The Sheet Cutter". New James Bond movie😀😀😀


      n my pop z(

  • Warren B
    Warren B

    If you want to waste $20, buy this Chinese crap.

  • Praveen Reddy
    Praveen Reddy

    Is he doing any kind of mission or any robbery what the heel is the Bg music

  • Keith Watson
    Keith Watson

    They should make it where you can turn the handle instead of walking around. It would be faster and easier.

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M

      This is just a drill attachment there are actual tools for this called nibblers

  • Josh Q
    Josh Q

    Sheet metal snips are 1000x better.

  • Josh Q
    Josh Q

    Those waste pieces are shaped like a quarter moon. 🌙 they are like a bio hazard. They get everywhere. Stuck in your shoes carpet car house everywhere.... Super sharp pieces of metal everywhere.

  • Howard Land
    Howard Land

    Great soundtrack 👍👍

    • Nitish Kumar
      Nitish Kumar

      Mission Impossible

  • Daniele Costanzo
    Daniele Costanzo

    Where can i find It?!

  • AFX Gaming
    AFX Gaming

    Slower and rougher then a pair of tin snips, cool, but not useful

  • martijn kraats
    martijn kraats

    Tool cool 👍💪👊👍👌👊👊💪🤙😎😡😟🇨🇦💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • martijn kraats
    martijn kraats

    Cool tool cool tool cool tool😤😐😶🤩

  • martijn kraats
    martijn kraats

    Tool 😎😎 tool 🔥🔫 tool 👍🤑🤠🤓🔥🍆😋

  • Grand Oakland
    Grand Oakland

    Metal toenails

  • rambokills

    This is pretty cool if you don't have the right tool

  • Alex Ghebenei
    Alex Ghebenei

    Lol that music and this tool make me think he is about to rob a bank. At least wasnt some cringe tiktok music

    • Alex Ghebenei
      Alex Ghebenei

      @Brandon Kaminsky lol, oh god

    • Brandon Kaminsky
      Brandon Kaminsky

      Just wait, this is the next tiktok tune

  • Jaxx Brat
    Jaxx Brat

    Its a nibbler.. But unlike the actual tool this one requires 2 hands

    • Oddly Satisfying Videos
      Oddly Satisfying Videos


    • Danko Productions
      Danko Productions

      It also requires 2 tools

    • Claud Peter
      Claud Peter

      Daily works with a nibbler? 😅😅

  • Seeser Seeser
    Seeser Seeser

    Mission impossible

  • Abdo Banhadd
    Abdo Banhadd


  • купец Калашников
    купец Калашников

    Прикольная вещь

  • Gerald of Rivia
    Gerald of Rivia

    Why you steal russian tips?

  • Gary Martinez
    Gary Martinez


  • shoutingharp

    Or you can buy a jigsaw

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