China Rattled By Agni-V Testing? Major Gaurav Arya Speaks On India Enhancing Missile Capabilities

India's decision to test its nuclear-capable ICBM Agni-V ballistic missile has irked China as the latter had brought up a UNSC resolution against it. On September 16, Beijing opposed the Agni V missile test and referred to a post-Pokhran blast resolution of the United Nations Security Council and said that the UNSCR 1172 already has 'clear stipulations'. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian at a briefing stated that maintaining peace, security, and stability in South Asia meets the common interests of all.

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  • Jeffrey Cezar
    Jeffrey Cezar

    But China just tested Hipersonik missile that can carry nuclear warhead, will Agni 5 and 6 be rendered useless and obsolete? I need your answer

  • Irfan Munir
    Irfan Munir

    01:13 It's Chaaghi...Idiot

  • Irfan Munir
    Irfan Munir

    China rattled by India....the funniest joke

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird

    China should not protest against India nuclear capability. China have those nukes therefore it is fair enough India have them too. It is for Indian Security.

  • Douglas BEAULAC
    Douglas BEAULAC

    Bravo, India! The paper Tiger is worried: Why? If the CCP refrain from its nefarious practices, it has nothing to worry about. However, when a bully feels threatened by his target, it's often the bully who falls to his knees crying foul. Too bad, so sad, China. Life is hard. Keep your hands to yourself and you have nothing to worry about. But know that if you exercise hostility, you will suffer severe retaliation.

  • khaja rehmathulla
    khaja rehmathulla

    After agni 5 china back stepped. China dar gaya, pakisthan mar gays. India is vishwaguru and true super power.

  • Osiris Thomas
    Osiris Thomas

    All this bullshit would stop if taiwan had nuclear weapons

  • Pranas Baliuka
    Pranas Baliuka

    Never heard 🦘 to talk so straight about military capabilities, but treated much more harsh by CCP. You guys have power to project in the region!

  • Jeffrey Cezar
    Jeffrey Cezar

    If China attacked Taiwan, India must be ready to come to Taiwan’s aid, a fellow democracy. Make it very clear to the Xi Jinping

  • G. L.
    G. L.

    why China has to worry about the Agni-V? India couldn't even launch a satellite into space few months ago!!!

  • Ahmad Muhammad Mehboob
    Ahmad Muhammad Mehboob

    Gober arya ye missile apny pechwady main daloo..border areas to haat sy nikal gaian

  • David Greenwood
    David Greenwood

    The best war with China is one of trade

  • Michael Frazier
    Michael Frazier

    Take a peak at all those ICBM Holes in China's desert.

  • Michael Frazier
    Michael Frazier

    We American's should give India 200 F-35's fully Loaded! We already have a new 6th gen. And higher Jet Fighter in Production.Hell throw in Isreals Iron Dome!

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez


  • lakshman gopalkrishnan
    lakshman gopalkrishnan

    Message to china We don't give a fuck of what your concern is... Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • Yashwant kumar Singh
    Yashwant kumar Singh

    Who cares about absolute rubbish talks Excellent job 👍 Jai Bharat 🙏🏼

  • Infidel Only
    Infidel Only

    Roof of the top. ...not really 😆

  • Glen Sweet
    Glen Sweet

    only if india would stop calling people saying your computer has a virus or the i.r.s. is going to arrest you. i think india needs to build many agni-v ballistic missiles so china's Xi will wake up and realize his plans to play hitler are not going to go well for him.

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz

    China... Tyranny doesn't work. And the world is to big... Even for you. Your doomed to fail. The world belongs to everyone. And we'll remind you of it. 🖕

  • Tajinder J Singh
    Tajinder J Singh

    Superb India, It's a great step. Chinese doesn't follow any international policies, ignore. Be a Great India.

  • Casey Ford
    Casey Ford

    We don't need any bad people in any leadership positions. Anywhere. We have the technologies to take humanity further in every way. Let's do it.

  • Casey Ford
    Casey Ford

    Good for you guys. As long as you stay diplomatic. The CCP needs to be kept in check.

  • Walter Velasquez
    Walter Velasquez

    Load up, stock em HIGH INDIA 🇮🇳.

  • Lyndon McDowell
    Lyndon McDowell

    With a highly modernised technogically advanced millitary China can withstand any assault mounted by U S and its allies. The US has waisted time meddling in other countries affaird instead of strenghtening their military that has been facing increased competition from China.

  • Mohammed omer khan
    Mohammed omer khan

    It seems like video game. But if India ever tried in real it will hit their own territories or assets or will crash. You have no guttz but good in bollywood

    • Mohammed omer khan
      Mohammed omer khan

      @Śhíkhář Śíńğh 🇮🇳 don't forget indian chopper helicopter hit by indian army in 2018.

    • Śhíkhář Śíńğh 🇮🇳
      Śhíkhář Śíńğh 🇮🇳

      Pakistan nhi h beta

  • John Charville
    John Charville

    My Congratulations to our Big Brother. The Cry-Baby Bully should take note that peace & love does not mean being weak and having a victim mentality.

  • Etene Hendriks
    Etene Hendriks

    make prepare them for the Whole of China. Make them go on their knees and beg for mercy from India.

  • Etene Hendriks
    Etene Hendriks

    That's a very good strategy. Build more of these AGNI-5 missiles and

  • Tmn-galentong

    Congratulations! What a game ****CHANGER****

  • Jefferson Davis
    Jefferson Davis

    It sounds as if India is apologetic about having the missiles. I'm good with that and happy for you. China is a bully,plain and simple.Sounds to me as if Goddess Kali doesn't want to be pushed around.

  • John Honayi
    John Honayi

    it's simple....... don't care about what is china talking about.. why we are discussing it.. just set them aside..

  • Campbell Graham
    Campbell Graham

    Well done India

  • prettysweettraveller

    Can we stop business deals, buying technologies, promoting tourism, no Olympics, remove China on UN, and jobs in China please? Also have united (peaceful) protests all together same time around the world twice a year against China/CCP. Let this be a legacy to Xi Jinping regime.

  • Indar Deo
    Indar Deo

    Let Chu chus complain.just don't understand

  • Indar Deo
    Indar Deo

    If a country cannot protect itself,it's no point building wealth only to be dictated and looted by thugs

  • Indar Deo
    Indar Deo

    Should not be intimidated by any one

  • Indar Deo
    Indar Deo

    Well done India.Burn the aggressors down

  • Mobutu R
    Mobutu R

    Its drone warfare, not miasiles

  • Maniyan Pillai
    Maniyan Pillai

    The people r in india. if chaina touch in india. Whthin... Second chaina had to be sank.

  • Maniyan Pillai
    Maniyan Pillai

    DRDO 🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏 mera desh mera abhiman every indian is

  • Pradeep saral
    Pradeep saral

    Major Gaurav Arya is not a rocket science expert, major Arya a boasting parrot he looks rediculious talking everything on subject he knows nothing. He even didn't had any idea about ground realties in Afghanistan and never gave any chance to Talibaan. How foolish he was .

  • S S
    S S

    China will wipe out India in minutes.

  • rosepetals217

    Bahut ho gaya peace ka nara.

  • Srini G
    Srini G

    China is just a way to move your concentration from the dimming economy of India

  • Noorali Manjee
    Noorali Manjee

    Just look into Himalayas what Indian ARMY facing Agni will able to save. Think day after.

  • div0007

    Jai hind jai hind ki sena

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson

    India is the only Country than can prevent a world war

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson

    I love this

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson

    Good for India

  • Bipin Singh
    Bipin Singh

    There is no need to repeat specificity of a Intercontinental missile, the people against whom it will be targeted know fully well what it will carry, and are whimpering.

  • Sanam Sanam
    Sanam Sanam

    Even this discussion is unwanted , because while testing such missiles , China is not making such type of discussions or not even bothered , what other countries would think .

  • Sanam Sanam
    Sanam Sanam

    Tell Chinese boldly , yes , we have ballistic capability .

  • Sanam Sanam
    Sanam Sanam

    Get rid of Gandhis , which is pro Chinese !!!

  • Gabriel Gabriel
    Gabriel Gabriel

    Congratulations to India. Every country must build a ultra powerful detergent to countries who launch an attack. A befitting message by a devastating response to defeat the aggressor. India must build more supersonic I C B Ms and Nuclear subs with help from France and Russia. God bless India, keep the flag flying high. Amen.

  • Pradeep Manoj
    Pradeep Manoj

    R. Team, if you have guts, share the news in India's biggest scam - PM cares fund. India wants to know.

  • Sunil Naik
    Sunil Naik

    Crying China😂😂

  • Ethan Leon
    Ethan Leon

    Get rid of the strange relations between Qatar and Turkey so that the world will be freed from terrorism and terrorist support

  • Mani Kanthan
    Mani Kanthan

    When the user trial is going to take place. Why the government is hesitant when North Korea is continuing development of missiles without hindrances?

  • Charles Miller
    Charles Miller

    This will keep Cry Baby CHINA in check !!!

  • Richard Duncan
    Richard Duncan

    Let India Reign. Forward ever backward never.

  • DEB

    Jai hind! 🇮🇳

  • Jamie Myee
    Jamie Myee

    Why China by force in South China sea? Quad nation must talk against China.

  • Jamie Myee
    Jamie Myee

    Why China talk shy international community must tak against China

  • Jamie Myee
    Jamie Myee

    China always threat to India we must threat to China as well.

  • Ashok Mehta
    Ashok Mehta

    India must make 1000 Nuclear Missiles of Agni 5 fix enemy forever. The everyday threat must from China is not liked.

  • Harshanan Domun
    Harshanan Domun

    AGHNI IS THE MOST SACRED IN sanatani culture

  • Canada Inc
    Canada Inc

    India need silent development of atleast 10,000 KM range missiles in "Megaton" club. India hasn't completed a single missile with word "megaton" attached to it. Chinese cities are within 6000 KM range but Chinese bases are located well over 8000 KM range so India need to get serious, less complacent and start developing and testing 10,000 KM range ICBM with megaton nuclear yield. Yield is really important as even though you have 8000 KM Agni VI but if this Agni 6 can only carry 1.5 ton or 2 ton yield, how it will deter any country???? 2 Ton yield will just destroy few sq KM area area while Megaton ICBM can wipe out entire city. MEGATON MEGATON MEGATON is the word that India need attached to its every Agni missile. 1.5 ton and 2 ton are like toys for country like China.

  • Anand Chandok
    Anand Chandok

    Jai Bharat Congratulations to all our Engineers and Scientist for remarkable work.

  • Labir Singh
    Labir Singh

    Hi mr. Major gaurav arya, you explaination is simple n clear. I am trying not to miss any of your videos. So far you are the best......keep it up.

  • dilipkumar patel
    dilipkumar patel

    @augustin Santiago, if anyone ever attack India , they will pay a very high price.

  • M.Shahid Copenhagen, S
    M.Shahid Copenhagen, S

    ‎انڈیا بولی وڈ فلم کے ذریعے چائنہ کو جواب دے گا سنی دیول اجے دیوگن سنیل سیٹھی گھس کر ماریں گے مودی نے بالی وڈ والوں کو کہہ دیا جلدی فلم بناؤ تاکہ جلد بدلہ لے سکے 😅😀😅👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

    • Gunner 99
      Gunner 99

      پاکستان پولش چینی جوتے ہو گا ، انڈیا کھڑا ہو کر چین سے لڑے گا ، تم پاک چین کے غلام ہو

  • M.Shahid Copenhagen, S
    M.Shahid Copenhagen, S

    I'm surprised that you all are more worried about pakistan than your own country bharat mata

  • Vitoi Sumi
    Vitoi Sumi

    We wound nt be loser where as Modijis party are in power long-lived Modiji

  • Nivo Atho
    Nivo Atho

    Agni-V is India’s defensive offence. It is India’s offensive defence. If China doesn’t like it, it can go suck an egg.

  • sunjay harakuni
    sunjay harakuni

    Congratulations to all the people who are behind this AGNI 5. Thanks for Atmanirbhar Bharat

  • Savithri Nadmichettu
    Savithri Nadmichettu

    you keep enhansing whatever, while china sitting in your country daring you to challenge lost so much of it's territory to these monsters and still losing but india wants to show how scientific and magnanimous we are and our PM invites the pirate the chief and stroking him in the swing and pampering him while he is stabbing you in the back,just like difference!!!!

  • Haroon Abbasi
    Haroon Abbasi

    Fake news factory

  • Biplab Mondal
    Biplab Mondal

    Jaldi Agni 6 banau aur india ko chaina Pakistan aur taliban se india ko bachaw

  • Mohd Irfan
    Mohd Irfan

    No use. China and Pakistan still occupies majority of indian land. Missile should be put in musuem for exhibition.

  • Jony Chowdhury
    Jony Chowdhury

    India should make good relations with nepal,reason hindu country Nepal, as soon as possible

  • kuldeep jain
    kuldeep jain

    हमें भारत में चार शहरों में चार DRDO बनाने की जरूरत है।

  • Anonymous

    Bah-🐀rat is a coward country

  • Otis

    Fun fact : India always had this and much bigger rockets. It was merely our responsible go slow and semi pacifist policy. Time has come to flex muscles against China and give a slap back.

  • razi imam
    razi imam

    100 Chinese soldiers entered in your territory, Uttarakhand, on 30th August slapped on your chootars and returned comfortably...baatain lambi lambi chodtay ho.

  • Vivek Haldar
    Vivek Haldar

    China is far more technologically advanced than we know of. We need less of self praise and rapid work and growth.

    • Vivek Haldar
      Vivek Haldar

      @Vinaykumar Gupte Stereotype much?

    • Vinaykumar Gupte
      Vinaykumar Gupte

      @Vivek Haldar communist cardholder?

    • Vivek Haldar
      Vivek Haldar

      @Vinaykumar Gupte Unfortunately, we are disappointed, we need less of chest thumping and meglomania.

    • Vinaykumar Gupte
      Vinaykumar Gupte

      Don't sound disappointed & diffident Haldar!

  • vinod kumar
    vinod kumar

    Jai hind

  • krishna prasad
    krishna prasad

    Chaina knows about the capability of their missiles! So China rattling about our AGNI.

  • Mensah Oyibi
    Mensah Oyibi

    I will advice Indian to use nuclear weapon against china

  • Naima Aktet
    Naima Aktet

    K. I

  • ghulam mahi uddin
    ghulam mahi uddin

    India always fake news distribute. Pakistan MIRV tested but india just test it


    Punch China 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Gobar Areya

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    Gummy Bear

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    Gummy Bear

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    Gummy Bear

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